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Launched in 1974 in Germany by Josef Kraenzle and with current exports to almost every continent, Kranzle Germany are leaders in the Design and Manufacture of a range of high pressure cleaning systems distinguished by their extraordinarily high quality, extremely modern design, precision engineering , long service life and economic efficiency.

The Kranzle Company is the exclusive manufacturer of the Kranzle Product Range. No other manufacturer is licensed to manufacture our products therefore uncompromising quality management is assured.

The Company is certified according to ISO 9001 and the TUV Produktservice.

1996design-award.png 2008design-award.png design-innovations-award.png certificate-iso.png tuvinspection-cert.png
Kranzle Therm
1996 Design Award
Kranzle Profi
2008 Design Award
Kranzle Universal Sweeper
Award for high design quality
Design Inovations '94
Design Centre of North-Rine Westphalia
Certificate ISO 9001
TUV document
Inspection of manufacturing plant
tuv-productservice-cert.png patentspec-cert.png patentspecusa-cert.png patentspec-international-cert.png
TUV Product Service
Patent specification Germany
Patent specification USA
Patent specification International

All Kranzle products come with a 2 year
unlimited hours
warranty unless specified differently


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